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The HK MP7A1 and the 4.6 x 30mm family of high performance ammunition were developed to provide penetration and lethality approaching that of an assault rifle in a package small and portable enough to be carried like a handgun. Adopted by the German special operations unit KSK or Kommando Spezialkräfte in 2002, the MP7A1 is now available to U.S. military and law enforcement organizations.

The small, lightweight MP7A1 (less than four pounds loaded) is capable of penetrating modern body armor, including that of the former Soviet Bloc special forces, now the standard NATO test target. (CRISAT)

Vests like these are now commonly found in the hands of terrorists and criminals and make conventional pistol caliber weapons ineffective.

The MP7A1 can be fired with one or two hands, or from the shoulder using a sturdy retractable buttstock. It handles like a pistol, yet allows targets to be engaged like a rifle. A folding vertical foregrip allows the weapon to be fired with excellent controllability to increase hit probability at all ranges. With its seven inch barrel, the HK MP7A1 is capable of firing 10 shot semiautomatic groups at 45 meters of less than 2 inches.

Unlike competing designs, the conventional and fully ambidextrous design of the HK MP7A1 ensures immediate acceptance by all users.

The gas operated MP7A1 fires from the closed bolt position, using a rotary locking bolt system similar to that of the HK G36 assault rifle to contain the powerful 4.6 mm cartridge.

All operating controls, including the M16 style cocking handle, safety/selector lever, magazine release and bolt catch/release are fully ambidextrous.

Constructed of mostly carbon fiber reinforced polymer with embedded metal components where needed, the weapon can be field stripped in seconds without tools and requires little cleaning due to the unique gas system employed in the design.

A technically advanced weapon, the Heckler & Koch MP7A1 is simple to use and provides the combination of compactness of a handgun with the range, penetration and lethality approaching that of a select-fire assault rifle.

The MP7A1 is the final production model and will be available for sale in the U.S. very soon.

MP7A1 Specifications
Sight Radius
Barrel Length
4.6 x 30
Varies by system
Cyclic Rate: 950 rpm
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